Client's charter


A key moment in the activity of Nessebar municipality based on European practice is the focus to the service consumer. The main purpose is improvement of the access to the administrative services and their quality, respect and satisfaction of the rights and legal interests of the citizens.

In our wish to provide the best service for our clients as well as to win their confidence, we have created an Administrative and information service centre and have undertaken some actions to apply European service standards.

Following those principles and standards we offer to your attention the present Client’s charter. This document is not a law or a regulation; it does not establish any rights or obligations. Its purpose is to help the citizens acquaint themselves with the basic administrative service principles and the kinds of service performed by the municipal administration in Nessebar, make clear the rights given to them by the different laws with no pretence of being comprehensive, give them instructions how to protect those rights and require good attitude from the jobholders.

The aim of Nessebar municipal administration is to turn this charter into an active document which shall be reconsidered and actualized periodically in accordance with your requirements.


- improve the access to the administrative services
- provide a higher- grade of administrative service
- encourage the clients and office workers’ participation in the discussion of the services:: the way they are provided, their quality and standards of performance.
- help the clients understand and protect their rights and require a better service
- assist the office workers with clearer definitions of the services performed

In order to make these purposes possible, we need your cooperation and we appreciate your opinion, criticism and recommendations.

The principles we shall observe to provide administrative services
- legality in requesting and obtaining the administrative service
- equal conditions of providing the services
- timeliness and objectivity of the services
- transparency, reliability and completeness of the services
- protection of information right
- protection of personal information
- inadmissibility of discrimination
- inadmissibility of conflict of interests

The responsibilities of Nessebar municipality office workers to the consumers of administrative services

The responsibilities of the jobholders are stated in the Ethical code of conduct and they include the following obligations:

- should not violet your rights and should observe the principle of equality at work
- be attentive and kind to you and respect your personal dignity
- be honest and helpful
- provide a competent professional service on a high-level
- create a friendly atmosphere
- observe the rules of confidentiality
- in case of a problem to inform you about the reasons and the latest term you can obtain the service

Your responsibilities to the office workers in Nessebar municipality
- bear in mind that the administrative service is a continuing process of improvements and the two parties are equally involved in its success
- give detailed and correct information; the applications should bear all essential elements and supplements as required by law
- show respect to the office workers, avoid offensive and threatening behaviour and acts of taking matters into your own hands
- inform of any change in the circumstances regarding the service required by you
- give your full address and a contact number
- submit your recommendations, signals, claims and applications in conformity with the law

In case you are not satisfied

Should you are not happy with the service provided by an office worker in the administration, you can file a complaint, signal or request by word of mouth or in writing to the mayor of Nessebar municipality.

All other oppositions or appeals concerning the services provided should be made within the frame of the statutory normative provisions.

It is important to know that:

- anonymous signals and complaints shall not be considered unless they threaten the citizens’ health and safety.
- the municipal administration reserves the right not to reply to questions, signals, claims and complaints containing obscene phrases, unmotivated offensive statements which lower the reputation of the institution.
- the municipal administration is not entitled to respond to matters concerning protection of personal data and classified information.

Access to information and services
Everyone can use different ways to gain access to information and services according to their needs:

The administrative and information service centre is situated on the ground floor of the town hall at 10 Evelvais str in Nessebar. It has two administrative offices open Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm.

The cash desk for local taxes and charges payment is manned from 8.30 am till 4.00 pm.

The service is organized by a system for clients’ management.

It is necessary to:
- obtain a numbered ticket for the relative department from the electronic management device
- wait your turn in the designated area
- the service shall be performed after a call upon presenting the relative number on the ticket


The telephone code for a long distance call to Nessebar is 0554.

Office manager 2 93 71
Desk 1 – Civil registration and administrative service department;
General records 2 93 72
Desk 2 – Local taxes and charges 2 93 72
Desk 3 – Local taxes and charges 2 93 73
Desk 4 – Local taxes and charges 2 93 73
Desk 5 – Local taxes and charges 2 93 74
Desk 6 – Local taxes and charges 2 93 74
Desk 7 – Cash desk 2 93 75

Desk 1 – Municipal property 2 93 81
Desk 2 – Territorial planning, large-scale construction and projecting 2 93 82
Desk 3 - Territorial planning, large-scale construction and projecting 2 93 82
Desk 4 – Tourism and tourist advertisement 2 93 83
Desk 5 – Trade 2 93 83
Desk 6 – Cash desk 2 93 84

On the website of the municipality – there is information about the administrative services, the structure of the municipal administration, contact numbers, e-mail addresses, actual news, notices, documents and other electronic services.

Information boards in the Administrative and information service centre
Telephones of Nessebar municipality – fax: 2 93 76, e-mail:
Mayor of Nessebar Municipality e-mail:
Secretary of Nessebar Municipality e-mail:

Deputy-mayors of Nessebar municipality Telephones

Deputy-mayor “Territorial planning, large-scale construction and construction control 0554 2 93 23

Deputy-mayor “Legal Service and Municipal Property” 0554 2 93 38

Deputy-mayor “Budget and Finance” 0554 4 33 21

Deputy-mayor “Management of European Funds Projects” 0554 2 93 57

Deputy-mayor “Public Order, Sport and Youth Activities” 0554 2 93 21

Deputy-mayor “Trade and Tourism” 0554 2 93 19

Deputy-mayor “Healthcare and Social Activities” 0554 2 93 65

Reception days – Mayor Wednesday 10.00 am - 12.00 pm 2.00 pm - 4.00 pm

Mail - PB 8230 10 Edelvais str, Nessebar, Nessebar Municipality

SIC: BG 000057122


1. The time limits for performance of the services provided are described in the brochures available at the administration and information service centre.

2. An administrative service without an appointed time limit shall be performed at the earliest opportunity but not later than five workdays.

3. Up to 7 days – upon request for issue of act.

4. Up to 14 days – upon request for public information access.

5. Up to 1 month when checks, information collection, research and determination of facts and circumstances are required.

6. Specific time limits of performance – they are stated by special law.

7. The administrative act or the refusal to issue an act should be announced to the parties involved within 3 days of its issue. The announcement about the contents of the act can be done by word of mouth, certified by signatures or in writing mailed to the address given by you or in a different way of retroaction.

An unvoiced decision within the appointed time limit shall be considered an implicit denial of performance of service.


The consumers of the administrative services offered by Nessebar municipal administration have the option to lodge complaints, signals, complaints, proposals and recommendations with regard to the quality of the administrative service or about a particular office worker in the following ways:

- questionnaires
- post box by the entrance to the town hall
- mail
- at AISC of the municipality at 10 Edelvais str, Nessebar 8230
- e-mail address

All registered claims, complaints and signals shall be dealt with within the appointed period of time. Consumers’ satisfaction shall be examined every 6 months. Your feed back is important to us so that we can analyze the information received and take necessary actions to improve the quality of the administrative services. For the purpose of mutual confidence our response to your proposals shall be announced in public.


You are entitled to request in writing the following:
- confirmation of the existing personal data regarding your personality
- actualization or alteration of your personal data
- put a ban on the municipal administration to produce fully or partially your processed personal data for trade information, advertisement or market research.
- be advised before your personal data shall be disclosed for the first time

In the mutual relations with you when providing administrative services we are guided by the following normative documents:

External normative acts:

Code of Administrative Procedure

Law on the Planning of the Black Sea Coast

Local Self-Government and Local Administration Act

Administration Act

Administrative Violations and Sanctions Act

State Employee Act

Access to Public Information Act

Protection of Personal Data Act

Municipal Property Act

Territorial Development Act

The Tobacco and Tobacco Products Act

The Wine and Alcoholic Drinks Act

Property Act

Environmental Protection Act

Obligations and Contracts Act

Law on Local Taxes and Charges

Internal normative acts:

Regulation No 1 on Assuring the Public Order, Security and Safety of the Citizens, on Environmental and Municipal Property Protection, on Safety of Traffic on the Territory of Nessebar Municipality

Regulation No 2 on Terms and Procedures for Performing Outdoor Trade Activity on the Territory of Nessebar Municipality

Regulation No 3 on Advertising Activity on the Territory of Nessebar Municipality

Regulation No 4 on Terms and Procedures for Establishing Housing Needs, on Management and Disposal of Municipal Housing on the Territory of Nessebar Municipality

Regulation No 5 on Procedure for Obtaining, Management and Disposal with Municipal Property

Regulation No 6 on Protection of Environment on the Territory of Nessebar Municipality

Regulation No 7 on Municipal Trading Corporations, Municipal Enterprises, on the Terms and Procedure for Exercising the Ownership over the Municipal Share of the Stock of the Trading Corporations

Regulation No 8 on Concessions Granting

Regulation No 9 of Nessebar Municipal Council for Encouraging Individuals and Legal Entities with Special Merits to Nessebar Municipality

Regulation No 10 on Terms and Procedures for Placing Movable Objects on the Territory of Nessebar Municipality

Regulation No 11 on Assessment and Administering of Local Taxes and Charges and Prices of Services on the Territory of Nessebar Municipality

Regulation No 12 on Drawing up, Implementation and Reporting of the Municipal Budget

Regulation No 13 on the Activity of Nessebar Municipality to Prevent and Eliminate the Consequences at Time of Disasters, Averages and Catastrophes

Regulation No 14 on Assessment of Local Taxes and Charges

Regulation No 15 on Management of the Municipality Roads

Regulation No 16 on Terms and Procedures for Granting Scholarships and Financial Encouragement of Children and Youths with Distinguished Talents

The Charter was approved by the Mayor of Nessebar Municipality by Ordinance 961 dated 26 August 2008. It has been published in internet on e- mail address: It is available on a paper carrier at the Administrative and information service centre in the Town hall upon request.

The present Charter becomes valid from the date of its confirmation.